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The Company Millennial Lifestyle Management Inc. Pte Ltd is founded in 2018 in a world class garden city country of Singapore. The mission is to Make Life Meaningful for those we touch.

As Singapore’s laws are sound, transparent and well established; and able to meet the conditions of international business development standards. From the company’s operating model to the Bank’s payment platform in Singapore, every step of the way must be filed through lawyers to ensure compliance with the MAS specifications and legal compliance. The purpose is to ensure our partners have a perfect entrepreneurial platform with security and confident during their entrepreneurial process in building their legacy in making life meaningful that last many generations and beyond.

Millennial Lifestyle Management Group


MarinEx Pharmaceuticals

Established in 1997, MarinEx Pharmaceuticals was a joint venture between Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) and Wen Ken Group, together it has created a long lasting legacy in reliability in health and pharmaceutical products since 1937.

MLM Corporate

Millennial Lifestyle Management Services has different divisions, out of which, Millennial Lifestyle Management Marketing focus on B2B corporate sales and Asentar Services focus on building franchise centric model in services for all our partners around the world.

Millennial Lifestyle

Millennial Lifestyle Management Inc. is an o2o channel marketing platform focusing on B2C business and database development and training.

Millennial Lifestyle Management Progress


    Millennial Lifestyle Management Inc Pte Ltd , founded in 2018, is a new establishment that has an evolution from the network marketing industry based on a new business model, in leading the drive towards a healthier, wealthier and better meaningful life for those we touch.


    The Platform is led by an executive team with extensive experience with amazing track records both within and outside the direct selling or network development industry for a total of 100 years.


    The executive team are committed to the company’s long-term sustainable growth while maintaining the principles and core values upon which the company was founded. The Platform is built on a philosophy that embraces principle over just profit and investment.


    Millennial Lifestyle Management Inc Pte Ltd has partnered with a 21-year-old Singapore EDB Pharmaceutical platform - MarinEx to create a long lasting legacy of reliability in products and services for the market.


    Together The Platform has formulated a premium supplements and functional food containing marine extracts to enhance healthy living. Thus resulted in our powerful product of Singapore - ASENTAR

Making Life Meaningful by helping people around the world to transform their lives with effective products and proven Channel Marketing business model.

Engaged the best. Create opportunities. Explore effective ways. Reaching potential clientele worldwide

Lead by example is a must.
It is very important for any kind of leaders to lead by example in all aspects of life.

Honesty is a start.
In today’s world everyone is very use to talk about and acknowledge own strength, but its always the weakness where we are not doing so well which allows us to learn and grow the most; and in order to do that, we have to be honest with ourselves right from the start.

Congruency is the path.
The level of leadership is base on the number of people willing to follow the leader. And the number of people willing to follow is determine by the influence of the leader has over him or her. Influence can only comes from congruency of a leader; as a leader who has no follower is not a leader but only taking a walk in the park.

Discipline is the way.
Growth comes from the willingness to learn and change, however all changes needs discipline to stay changed as old habits die hard.

Execution is result.
NATO – No Action Talk Only has always been a common thing among the average. If we want to be successful in all aspects of our life, we have to execute and take action consistently.


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